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Aerie Aviacao Executiva

AERIE has been established at Jundiai Executive Airport (SBJD), located in Jundiai, Sao Paulo, since 2004. It is recognized as one of the leading aircraft brokers in Brazil and abroad, specialty in aircraft sales, acquisitions, importation and exportation processes.

Due to its ethics profile, good reputation and excellence in aeronautical business, in 2016 was named by PACIFIC AEROSPACE, traditional aircraft manufacturer in New Zealand, as Authorized Sales Agent of the E-350 Expedition and P-750 XSTOL for Brazil.

With more than a hundred deals done in the past 13 years, AERIE is able to manage entire sales process by Pacific Aerospace in Brazil, from Purchase Order to Delivery of the P-750 XSTOL and or E-350 EXPEDITION.

The Company was pioneer in aircraft importation thought Trading Companies. It has its own technical staff, expertise in the Brazilian market and is prepared to provide full assistance to the customers: prior, during and after sales.

On your next business or utility aircraft project in Brazil, be an acquisition, sales, importation or exportation, talk to us.

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AERIE was the pioneer in aircraft importation thought Trading Companies, we were responsible for the first processes of used aircraft with tax incentives, since 2004 and we are still doing the best projects for our customers so far. From 2016, we are able to offer full assistance to import E-350 EXPEDITION and P-750 XSTOL from New Zealand.
We are very proud to have past 13 years dedicated to these processes, without having ever had a deposit and or aircraft retained or lost, be in Brazil or abroad. Even to IRS (Federal Revenue), ANAC, customs clearance, we have 100% of success in all jobs, to the title transfer and or completion nationalization. We also have technical staff to assist pre buy inspections, delivery and acceptance, ANAC conformation and all tasks and paperwork related to importation.

On your next business or utility aircraft acquisition and importation, talk to us.


AERIE offers full assistance to leasing termination processes and exportation, with legal, technical, operational and customs clearance advice. The services include ferry flight, handling paperwork, until the complete tittle transfer and delivery abroad.

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After your aircraft lease termination, we offer full service broker assistance in Brazil and abroad. On your next aircraft exports project, talk to us.

Hangar for Sale in Campinas/SP

Brand new hangar, ready to use, located in Campinas, 40 minutes from Sao Paulo.
Take advantage of high exchange hates to invest in Brazil. Click on "More Information", to see detailed description.

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Aircraft Appraisals

We offer a specialized and exclusive service of the business aircraft appraisals, with focus on measuring value for different purposes: Banks, Insurance or Legal Companies, Tradings, Repossession, Auction Sales, etc.
The appraisals are prepared following international standards, based on visual inspection, documents´ verification, with reference in reliable sources of the market and presented an in impartial manner.
We have qualified staff to crosscheck the collected information and to prepare an appropriated report, in according to the needs of each request.

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Technical Support

Pre buy inspections, delivery and acceptance, test flights, to prepare aircraft to be imported or exported.

We offer technical support to physical and documentary needs. Assistance to Pre buy inspections, delivery and acceptance of new and used aircraft, test and ferry flights, to prepare aircraft to be imported, exported, airworthiness or export certificates and all requirements from Aviation Authorities.

Our technical staff are able to check logbooks and records, manuals, modifications, damages and or discrepancies, computer maintenance programs, maintenance reports, engine and or parts / labor programs, major repair and alterations, and other relevant facts that may interfere in the buying or selling processes.

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Av. Emílio Antonon, Hangar Japi, S/N

Aeroporto - Jundiaí/SP,
Brazil - CEP 13212-010

+ 55 (11) 4216-0416
+ 55 (11) 97688-1429

João Pretti NETO
Associado: Helicópteros
Av. Emilio Antonon, S/N - Hangar Japi
Aeroporto de Jundiaí
Jundiaí - SP 13.212-010 Brasil

Fátima Domingues
Sales Assistant
Av. Emilio Antonon, S/N - Hangar Japi
Aeroporto de Jundiaí
Jundiaí - SP 13.212-010 Brasil
Tel: 55 (11) 97688-1429

Cassio Polli
Av. Emilio Antonon, S/N - Hangar Japi
Aeroporto de Jundiaí
Jundiaí - SP 13.212-010 Brasil