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Aircraft Appraisal

We offer a specialized and exclusive service of the business aircraft appraisals, with focus on measuring value for different purposes: Banks, Insurance or Legal Companies, Tradings, Repossession, Auction Sales, etc.
The appraisals are prepared following international standards, based on visual inspection, documents´ verification, with reference in reliable sources of the market and presented an in impartial manner.
We have qualified staff to crosscheck the collected information and to prepare an appropriated report, in according to the needs of each request.


We can perform the evaluation using three different approaches to value:
(1) Cost Approach;
(2) Sales Comparison Approach
(3) Income Approach

To establish the Fair Market Value or other references such as Liquidation Value, Orderly Liquidation value, Forced Liquidation, etc.


The method of evaluation consists in a visual inspection, documents and market´s analysis. We also use analytical tools such as:
(1) Bluebook and Vref
(2) JetNet and Amstat,
(3) Conklin e deDecker,

Besides technical publications, classifieds and other researches, transcribed in an impartial manner.