Aerie Aviação Executiva - Compra, Venda e Importação de Aeronaves Executivas: Turbohélices, Jatos e Helicópteros. Aeroporto de Jundiai, SP – Melhores aviões e helicópteros do Mercado Brasileiro ]


AERIE offers full assistance to leasing termination processes and exportation, with legal, technical, operational and customs clearance advice. The services include ferry flight, handling paperwork, until the complete tittle transfer and delivery abroad. In association with FORTUNE JET GROUP, located in Boca Raton, Florida, with 20 years’ experience, we offer exportation services with full service consultancy, involving Escrow Account, Tittle Search, Trust Services, International Registry, etc.

Planning and Performing
- Aircraft Lease Termination
- Customs Clearance and Legal Assistance
- Brazilian and International Customs
- Aeronautical Authorities Paperwork
- Manage all exportation processes

Technical Support
- Own technical staff in Brazil and abroad
- Conformation to aviation authorities’ requests
- Meets to airworthiness requirements
- Preparation for technical inspections and surveys
- Assistance to Exportation Certificates issue

After your aircraft lease termination, we offer full service broker assistance in Brazil and abroad. On your next aircraft exports project, talk to us.