The P-750 XSTOL III is the world?s most versatile utility aircraft. This PT6 turbine powered aircraft has a unique quick-change modular floor system and easily removable role equipment, which allows the aircraft to be transformed rapidly between no less than ten distinct mission configurations.




- Passenger + Air Taxi

- Agriculture Solid

- Agriculture Liquid

- Firebombing

- Freight

- Survey Photographic

- Geophysical Survey

- Surveillance, Search & Rescue

- Medevac

- Skydiving


- Take-off and landing in less than 800ft (244m) at MTOW, even when it?s hot and high.

- Operate off semi-prepared strips in all types of terrain.

- Carry a load of almost 4,000lb (1,814kg) even in hot and high conditions.

- Rugged, dependable construction with extended airframe/engine inspection intervals of 150hrs.

- Proven, globally-supported components from leading aerospace companies, including Pratt & Whitney Canada, Garmin, Hartzell and Honeywell.

- P750 XSTOL is already ANAC Certified, in Brazil with local maintenance support.

Technical Specification

Maximum Useful Load: 3,900 lbs / 1769 kg

Max. Range at Optimum Speed (nil wind, no reserves), 15,000ft.: 1,172 nm / 2,183 km

Max. Range with Aux. Fuel Tank fitted (102US.Gal/387L usable)*: 1,400 nm / 2,593 km

Design Cruising Speed (Vc): 140 kts / 259 km/h

TAS (True Air Speed) 10,000 FT: 167 kts / 309 km/h

Average Fuel Consumption (optimum cruise settings): 49 US Gal/h / 184 litros/h

Take-Off Ground Roll at Sea Level, ISA: 721 ft / 220 metros

Landing Ground Roll at Sea Level** 543 ft / 166 metros

Passengers´ Configuration: 1 pilot + 9 passengers

* Estimate based on optimum cruise settings, nil wind and nil reserves.

** Reverse thrust selected on touchdown.

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